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Self Assessment Checklist

Dear Parent or Caregiver,

Congratulations on choosing to participate in the Home Safety Assessment Program. This program was designed for parents and caregivers to help keep children safe from injuries at home. Each year in the U.S. over 14 million children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries. Almost half of these injuries occur at home. And an estimated 90% of all childhood injuries are preventable.

Use the Home Safety Checklist to find problem areas in your home that could cause injury to a child.  On the back side of the Home Safety Checklist you will find a corresponding Safety Tip Guide that provides information on strategies and safety products that can help reduce safety risks in your home.

Download the Checklist | Word 144 Kb
Download the Tip Guide | Word 36 Kb

Here are some tips to make completing the checklist easy.

  1. Find a partner. Complete the checklist with your spouse, a friend, or another relative. Having a second set of eyes will help see things that may otherwise be missed.

  2. Plan enough time. A thorough home safety check can take over an hour!  You may want to check one room at a time or one section of the checklist at a time.

  3. Don’t ignore problems. Some risks have an easy solution, you can fix them during the safety check – like moving the matches from the kitchen counter to a locked drawer or cabinet. But some of the most serious dangers, such as an unfenced pool or spa, may take the longer to remedy and may be expensive and feel impossible! Remember, do not ignore any problems that you find.

  4. Change just a few things at a time. You may be surprised how many risks you find in your home. Trying to fix all of them in one afternoon or even over one weekend may be overwhelming.  Spread it out over a week or a month.
  5. Be careful choosing products. You may need to test a product to see if it truly is child-proof for your toddler.  Home improvement stores, and specialty baby stores have good selections of safety products.  Many hard-to-find products can be found and purchased online. 

If you have any questions when completing the checklist or finding safety products, we are just a phone call away. Help is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  If we are not available, just leave a message and we will return your call.  Please contact us at:

Toll Free (800) 774-7237 or (951) 358-7171

Thank You for creating a safer environment for your child to live, learn and play!
Riverside County Injury Prevention Services Staff

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